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Special Orders-- Spinach Continues to Shine!

Trillium on Trillium Lane

Spinach and wheat berries for early spring feasting

The gorgeous spinach continues to enjoy this weather. Order up some incredible greens to shake off the winter. We have the dark green arrowhead leaf variety and a beautiful burgundy “Red Kitten” variety, perfect for an elegant spinach salad.

Head to The Market and find two varieties of SPINACH and WHEAT BERRIES for sale there. We are happy to take email orders and cash-on-delivery if you prefer that mode.

Delivery will be DIFFERENT than previous years— TUESDAY DELIVERY. We will send out a Monday reminder for pick up!

(PLEASE NOTE: Dropsite locations have changed/been reduced. We are happy to consider additional special sites if the volume of a delivery is over $40. Please send us an email to inquire.)

Have a wonderful week.

Roger and Lara

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