Below are some common questions asked about the Online Market and the CSA Produce Subscriptions. If you have additional questions, please contact us at: or 715 426 7582


Here are some frequently asked questions:

And here are some answers:

Are there sign up fees for the on-line market?

Nope, signing up for a web account is free and allows you to get the weekly harvest notifications and shop at your leisure.

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Will I have to buy vegetables I don't want?

We hope not!

CSA Produce subscriptions are filled each week based on which Farm Where Life is Good produce is in season; we have planned and planted for you with variety in mind hoping to please your palate. We are currently investigating the logistics of a weekly add/subtract request option for “swapping” harvested produce based on an email survey each week.

On-line market shoppers, you just find what you want, order what you want, have delivered what you want. With a website account, you will receive a weekly email with a reminder to go shopping for the produce available that week. Browse, buy, eat some good stuff from Farm Where Life is Good! (We hope you will try some of the not-so-common produce too…we grow it because it is actually some good stuff. Expand your palate! Go have a look at the recipe page for ideas and inspiration.)

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How do I order?

If you are purchasing a seasonal produce subscription— Subscribe to reserve your 2014 subscription before we reach our 30 member limit and place your order before the end of May (phone / email to order, then mail check OR use The Market tab to order/pay with credit card). Thereafter, you don’t need to shop at the Online Market…but if you are looking for ingredients for a big canning weekend or special guests, feel free to add to your pre-purchased weekly delivery thru the Market.

If you are purchasing weekly from the Market— Each Saturday evening, a list of available products will be sent to all of our registered accounts by e-mail. You must place your order for the week no later than Monday at 8:00 p.m. Orders can be placed here on our website.

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When do I pay?

At the end of your ordering experience, you will be directed to the payment area to use your credit/debit card for final purchase. (Not much different than typical online ordering.)

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When & where do I pick up my produce?

On specified days, customers can pick-up their produce at the dropsite of their choice (made during checkout). These are unattended pickup sites. All orders will be in individual boxes labeled with your name. Make sure to return your previous week’s box and ice-bottle for reuse.

If you don’t pick up and you have not made special arrangements, your produce will be donated to the local food pantry.

We will consider new dropsites if at least 5 new members are seeking a different location. Give us a buzz.

Click here for current Drop-site Locations

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What does a weekly CSA subscription look like?

We have one sample year for you to use as a guide. During the 2014 season we will unveil a Fall option too, but the structure of that is under development as yet.
A printable copy of the 2013 Year in Review can be found here.
A printable copy of the 2012 Year in Review can be found here.

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What is the difference between a Seasonal CSA Produce Subscription and the Online Market?

Seasonal CSA Produce Subscription
Signing up in advance for your seasonal subscription gives you two great advantages and one small risk.
Advantage #1: Members are served first! You get the best produce, the crop bounties, picked just for you fresh each week.
Advantage #2: Averaged over the season, you benefit from the best produce prices offered by Farm Where Life is Good.
Risk: Farming is by nature at the mercy of nature! Crop failures will happen, whether by weather, pests/predators or poor seed germination. Participating in a produce subscription shares some of this risk with us farmers; in return, we farmers guarantee to work our darnedest to make this risk as small as possible and share the bounty with members when it comes!

Online Market
A full season subscription may not fit your eating needs, so Farm Where Life is Good is offering a weekly Online Market of our produce, still picked for and delivered to you. All you need to do is sign up an account at our web-market; each week you will receive an announcement opening the market, you then go online and purchase your items, and we deliver them to your drop-site that week in your very own box.

The Market option lets you pick and choose personal favorites, smaller amounts, or bushels of produce for a weekend of canning!

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What happens when I am out-of-town?

If you are signed up for a weekly subscription, you may request up to 2 cancelled/rescheduled weeks to accommodate times you are out of town. Please email us a week in advance with the date you are cancelling and the date you would like to reschedule (this will mean a “double box” on the rescheduled date).

The produce items may change (based on seasonality), and we may need to juggle dates if demand is too high, but we will do our best to fill you up on the new date requested!

Alternatively, you may request that we donate your box to the local food pantry, or you can make your own plans for a friend to pick up for you.

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Do you take requests for produce types or varieties?

Absolutely! Send us an email with as much detail as you like. We’ll see about integrating it/them.

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May I add my recipes to the website?

Absolutely and very encouraged. We like well-tested, well-liked recipes. And the process of adding the recipes yourself is pretty intuitive, so dive in and jazz up the recipe section!

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