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Daily mini-market at Drop site #1-- Inver Grove Heights

Winter spinach— oh, how sweet it is

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We hope this finds you all toasty warm on this tip-toe-into-winter week! I am out in the high tunnel today workin’ the spinach in 50deg temps. Quite nice to shed the coat, hat and mittens while harvesting and listening to a good book!

Some good news for our spinach distribution…we have been offered the opportunity to set up a mini-farmer’s market in front of the Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital each day and have taken swift advantage. Daily (usually) we are offering bagged spinach and this season’s honey for sale (cash only, self-serve.) Check in at the farm phone (715 426-7582) if you want to confirm the table is out, but usually open by 9am and closed by 5pm. (It varies a bit with Razz’ traveling schedule.)

So, get your weekly spinach fix and monthly honey hit when you need them. We can also arrange larger “gifts for the whole family” honey sales, on demand. Just let us know.

Mini-Market Location:
7131 Cahill Ave
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
Table to the left of the front door

For the really local folks, we welcome on-farm sales with advanced notice too, so let us know. 715 426 7582

Enjoy your holiday season, stay warm and eat well!

Roger and Lara

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