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A Spring Spinach Bonanza!

spinach! Spinach! SPINACH!

WLIG Spinach has braved the winter and is shining in the spring!

Hello everyone. The rain is coming down to soak the parched spring fields as I type. Such a wonderful sound on the rooftop. The fields are waking up and getting back into order with cover crops. The high tunnel is prepped for tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and peppers— many trials underway. The fence test (on a small scale) is protecting our bounty of winter spinach from eager, hungry deer in the previous/overwintered high tunnel location. It is truly restful to know it is all safe!

Here is your chance to get your “green” fix after a long winter hiatus. This loose-leaf spinach was started in September of last year, fed us a bit thru the winter, and now is growing like gangbusters— a successful over-wintered trial.

It stores incredibly well in the fridge (upwards of 3wks or more); it makes your green smoothies invigorating; it satisfies well in the fresh spinach salad (or try a warm/wilted spinach salad for dinner!); it holds up perfectly in the cooking applications from soup to creamed spinach to garlic braising; and it is perfect for the frozen package(s) needed in that mainstay of midwestern dipping this summer— Spinach Dip.

Whew! I’m hungry now. You too? How about a pound or three?

For a hearty salad, breakfast, or side dish, consider cooking up some wheat berries too. They store well, fill you up, give you something great to chew, and, I’m thinking, lower your cholesterol too with all their fiber. A pound of these golden beauties too, you say?

Head to The Market and find the SPINACH and WHEAT BERRIES for sale there. We are happy to take email orders and cash-on-delivery if you prefer that mode.

Delivery will be DIFFERENT than previous years— TUESDAY DELIVERY. We will send out a Monday reminder for pick up!

(PLEASE NOTE: Dropsite locations have changed/been reduced. We are happy to consider additional special sites if the volume of a delivery is over $40. Please send us an email to inquire.)

Have a wonderful week.

Roger and Lara

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