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FarmWLIG Offline thru the 2015 Season

A remnant of the recent past

Farm Where Life is Good

News regarding the 2015 Season

We hope this finds you all toasty warm on this fine, frigid, February evening! We’ve just arrived home from some R-n-R in the southern region of these United States; what an awakening it was driving into a blizzard-blasted Chicago area!

Even with this weather, the mind leans toward spring, so with that we bring you news from Farm Where Life is Good.

We have done some of the proverbial soul-searching this winter, reflecting on the past few years of growing for market. We have decided not to offer weekly produce for the 2015 season. The reasons are many and varied— we need to step back and work on our soil, our deer fencing (no joke this time!), our business/financial model, and our growing expertise. If we have some unexpected harvest bounties as we navigate this hiatus filled with trial-and-error growing, cover cropping, and perennial plantings, we will certainly shoot out the occasional “Fire Sale” email!

To help you in your quest for fresh produce this coming spring and summer, we have compiled a list of area farms with whom we are familiar offering CSA shares and also have included the Land Stewardship CSA directory for all of MN and western WI. We hope you continue to eat well!

Sweet Top Farm

Threshing Table Farm

Springhill Community Farm

10th St Farm and Market

Land Stewardship CSA Directory

We were honored to have had such a supportive and enthusiastic group of members these past few years. We thank you for all you have given us, and we are proud to have produced a healthy product and a motivation to cook good food! What the 2016 season will bring, we do not know yet. We will stay in touch. Enjoy the coming spring!

Have a wonderful 2015 of eating well.

Roger and Lara